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Dec 06

Writing comments

Okay, I’m not normally one to brag, but I really want to this time. I’m in a creative writing class, a junior-level workshop, and my second story – which I’m currently working on revising – was written in a span of 2-4 hours, late at night.

A majority of the comments were talking about how solid my writing was. Yeah, there was some goofs, but it was a solid piece of work. It appeared that I had spent a LOT of time on it.

And I’ve talked to some people in person, and when they find out that it was done in a matter of hours, the night before it was due, they are all shocked.


So, yes, I’m a fucking KICKASS writer. When I wanna be. :)

Feb 03

Summary of my stalkers

So, my last post has successfully detailed who my true stalkers are.

JA, a creepy penguin lover from Australia.

Priscilla, my creepy roommate who watches me literally

Rod, my MSN stalker.

And finally… Jess, my stalker who I hold a hate/love/hate relationship with. Also, he’s a slut. Just so you all know. To be avoided at all costs.

This is all.

Feb 19

Video for Baby!

Yes yes yes yes the video for Baby is finally out :-D

Yes yes yes yes HE HAS PURPLE SHOES.

Feb 14

Played with the site more

So instead of doing something useful, like maybe writing more of my story, I played around with the site. I probably will write more in the next few weeks, as my hours have been drastically cut. In the newest schedule, I only got 12 :’( Which is a HUGE drop from the 40 I worked last week.

Oh well.

Anyways, I added a shoutbox. Not that anyone will ever use it except me :P I also changed the countdown from Percy movie to Justin Bieber’s new CD :-D

I’ve also added a page about hosting here. I don’t do much, but hey, if it brings a few bucks to my pocket, sure, I’ll share the server.

Speaking of the server – Wikimon is back up! And we have a MUCH more powerful processor now, plus 4GB of ram! We are looking pretty damn sweet now :D

And Ryan (Yeah, that Ryan) has his own blog thing going now. You can see it here. We’ll see if he does anything with it… he paid for the domain, not me. xD But I am hosting him. ♥

Here are some shirts I want, linked to where you can buy them for me. ♥

DATS Image Upload

DATS Image Upload

Aren’t they both hot? ♥

Anyways, that’s about it for today. Spam the shoutbox, buy me t-shirts, and buy hosting from me. That’s the moral of today.

Or if all else fails, BUY ME JUSTIN’S NEW CD. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jan 26

Favorite icons

So I have a few favorite icons out there. Random post, but I absolutely fell in LOVE with the first one from Logan and am posting it all over. ♥ View all my icons on my lj which includes the credits for ‘em.

Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon