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Mar 22

Spring Break

So this week was my spring break. It’s my last spring break ever, seeing as I graduate in just a few months… (wow!) but it’s been a rather lame one.

I started out on Thursday by skipping most of my classes; my 11am was the only one that was “required”. My 12:30 class got cancelled ‘cuz the prof was sick, and my 2pm class was optional. So… I didn’t go to any of them. I went to my 3:30pm class and that was it.

It was poetry. Meh.

The weekend consisted of my closing 27 weekend. As a “27″ (Point of Sale Supervisor) I’m required to close a full weekend every month or so. Friday I worked 5 to close, Saturday 3:30 to close and Sunday 1:30 to close. And on Sunday we were there until 11pm… very long day. Urgh. But it wasn’t that bad of a weekend; credit goals weren’t absurd and we were able to make them easily enough. That takes a lot of the stress out of the job. :-)

We had a snow storm move in Monday that dumped a few inches on us, and then I ended up closing at Kohl’s again. -_- It was a SUPER slow night… I’m not allowed to give sales numbers out, but it was far from a busy day. :P

Which was good, because I had to open on Tuesday. 7:30-10:30 was like the longest three hours of my life. After that, I ended up going to look at a possible house for next year, and then applied for it! It’s a 3 bedroom townhouse, which I would be sharing with a friend and her baby. Kinda a scary idea… I spent rest of my Tuesday goofing off, which was nice.

Wednesday was a 9-4 shift at Kohl’s… once again, not very busy. All this stupid crap weather is killing me!!

On Thursday, my mom came out to visit. :) We ended up spending practically the whole day together, going shopping and whatnot. We had lunch at the Altoona Family Restaurant which was surprisingly good, and then had dinner at Milwaukee Burger Company, which was also really good. It was nice getting to hang out with my mom, I never get to see her.

Today (Friday) I had my first day at my new job! It was… okay. I can’t say I love it, but it’s not bad. My job is packaging. So, like, the bakers make the hamburger buns and put them in/take them out of the oven, and after they’re cooled down, I put them in the plastic bag and label it. It’s kinda monotonous… but whatever. It got broken up a bit by people asking for stuff out of the cases, which I get to help with.

It’s not the best job, but it’ll at least pay the bills. I get more stable hours and better pay than at Kohl’s.

As for the weekend… BLEH. Tomorrow, I work 7-3:30 at Festival, and then I get to come home and sleep, because I’m pulling an overnight at Kohl’s. Then it’s back to Festival 11-3:30 on Sunday, followed by Kohl’s from 4-close. Rest of the weekend is going to fly by.

I’ve never actually worked an overnight, so I’m kinda excited as to what that’ll entail. I think it’s for additional marks, so clearance is going to be even cheaper~ Woo woo.

{/end life rambling}

Mar 12

New Job

So, I got a call on my way to class… and was offered a new job.

Yay! :)

I am now going to be a bakery clerk – meaning, package stuff and get people goodies out of the case at…

I’m excited. I have orientation tomorrow and who knows when I’ll actually start~ :)

Mar 10

Winter in Wisconsin

So, it’s March in Wisconsin… and we’re expected to get about 4-6 inches of snow tonight! It’s like it’ll never end.

The last big snow storm we had left the area absolutely beautiful, tho!


It’s absolutely beautiful, but at the same time, doesn’t it make you want to stay inside, near the heater, with the devil cat?


And of course, it makes the streets absolutely treacherous. To illustrate it, I wrote a poem awhile back; here’s a quote from it.

heels sliding along the glaze
losing their mount
another gust, an old hag
cackles as she gives a final shove

arms open wide
a yell, lost in a sea of snickers
as london bridge topples down
to the cold thames below

Yes, that has happened to me. An icy road and me has equaled some very embarrassing situations. :\ It makes me really wish I lived somewhere warm.

California girls, we’re unforgettable
Daisy dukes, bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin, so hot
We’ll melt your popsicle

Katy Perry really gets it right, doesn’t she? Where the sun actually warms you…

BUT! The good news is that it is March! It was 40 degrees yesterday, almost! It was really nice. And on Friday, I was running around in a short sleeve shirt.

So… winter may suck, but it’s only around for about half the year, and then it’s gone again! (Wait, some of you don’t deal with winter for about half the year?!?! Here in Wisconsin/Minnesota, our seasons are winter and road construction)

…thank God there’s no road construction.

Yay winter


Jan 14

Cuddling my pillow

Requested by my favorite shoutbox stalker.

He calls it “qt”.

Jan 14

School only has my soul for 1 more semester

So, this is a picture of my school.

I’m about to go into my last semester of it! In May, I will finally be graduating! It’s kinda exciting, but scary at the same time.

I have some writing from last semester that I’ve put under the current collection, Tastes Like Forever. It’s all still rough and in the original form, but it’s something. ^o^

This coming semester actually appears as though it will be easier and less hectic, so I’m hoping to get the time to go through and edit these. Make them beautiful like I have for Fall(ing/en) Leaves. Still super proud of those.

Until later/sooner,

edit: it helps if i know some grammar…

Jun 29

Two new stories

I’ve added two short little pieces to the Short Stories page.


One is titled Death of a Pumpkin and is about exactly that and is kinda scary.

The other is Gravity, the Air Underneath my Wings is about gravity and is kinda sad.


I also went through and made all the stories that use Google Docs full-screen, so we don’t have the sidebar on there.

May 18

Spain Finals

So, in 15 minutes I’ll be heading off to the graduation ceremony, officially closing my time in Spain. It’s been an amazing 5 months, something that I’ll never be able to repeat again.

It’s kinda crazy how fast (but, at the same time, slow) the time has done.

For anyone interested, here’s the final grades I got:

Culture: 9 (A)

Grammar: 8.2 (B+)

History: 7.6 (B)

Geography: 9.3 (A)

Literature: 8.8 (A-)

Art: 7.3 (B-)

Oral Expression: 8 (B+)

Monograph: 10 (A)


Not a bad semester, if I do say so myself. :)

May 14


As is well known, I am currently (almost done!) studying in Spain. Well, our capstone project was a long paper, written (obviously) entirely in Spanish.

I did mine on the first novels in Spain, and how they developed. It was titled “The Birth of the Novel”. I wrote it kinda strangely, because I wanted to try and make it original. I wrote it ~kinda~ like a story itself. The headings of the paper were called “Prologue” and “Chapter 1″ and “Epilogue” and stuff… and it was kinda fun.

My prologue was written in verse (read: a poem) because prose (and thus the novel) was a step further down the line than verse… eh, I dunno. It was kinda fun to write, if nothing else.


Anyways, I was in McDonald’s in Paris (Don’t laugh) and I checked my e-mail and I got this:

Hola, Greg:
Ya he terminado de corregir todos los trabajos.
Me alegra decirte que tu nota es 10.
Además de la originalidad del tema, la originalidad al presentar el trabajo han hecho que sea muy fácil de leer.
El contenido está muy bien: has desarrollado el tema de forma estupenda y muy bien redactado.
Bueno, espero que esto te anime a seguir con la creatividad y la
Un saludo, Monse.
Hi Greg:
I’ve finished correcting all the papers.
I’m happy to tell you that your grade is 10.
In addition to the originality of the theme, the originality of the presentation made it really easy to read.
The content was really good: you developed the topic stupendously and very well written.
Great, I hope that this will encourage you to continue with the creativity and literature.
Salutations, Monse


10, by the way, is the highest possible, and apparently supposed to be really hard to get.


My day was MADE! :)

Feb 22

Spanish poetry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem in Spanish for class. You can see – obviously – that I was getting more into it by the third stanza :P The first two are meh.


Lluvia de tus ojos

La lluvia ha empezado
La puedo ver en tus ojos
Ahora, voy a tocar tus codos
Y decirte que eres el ombligo de mi mundo

Estamos viviendo en una primavera eterna
Tú eres el cielo por todos mi flores
Por eso, es necesario que tú llores
Y das agua a toda la tierra

Pero, mi amor, no lloras tanta
No queremos el diluvio de Noé
Debes sonreír, porque contigo, el mundo iluminaré
Tú eres mi dueña, mi vida, y a tí, me encanta.


And then an attempt at a translation… (of my own work??)

Rain from your eyes

The rain has started
I can see it in your eyes
And now, I’ll touch your elbows
And tell you that you’re the center of my world

We’re living in an eternal spring
You’re the sky for all of my flowers
Therefore, it’s necessary that you cry
And give water to the entire Earth

However, my love, don’t cry too much
We don’t want Noah’s floor
You should smile, because with you, I’ll illuminate the world
You’re my lady, my life, and it’s you that I love

Dec 06

New stories

Who wants to read ‘em?

“lights on the night train” (559 words)

“My Dream Boy” (5574 words)

“The Importance of Vacuuming (for a well run household)” (1841 words)

“Cl” (1155 words)


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